What Kind of Pump is Used to Transfer Water Stored in Rainwater Collection?

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What Kind of Pump is Used to Transfer Water Stored in Rainwater Collection?Either a submersible pump or centrifugal pressure pump will be required to transfer water from storage to filtration and use. A submersible pump will need means of regulating flow.

A pressure tank with a pressure switch will tell the pump when to turn on and off by a drop of pressure in the pressure tank. This application is much like well system and is intended for household use. It could be used for irrigation, but keep in mind that the pressure tank will need to be frost protected.

What Kind of Pump is Used to Transfer Water Stored in Rainwater Collection?The most common method of conveyance would be a booster pump. These pumps are generally centrifugal pumps and can be placed in the mechanical room or well shed.  A centrifugal booster pump is used without an exterior pressure tank and is considered an “on demand” pump, meaning that when the faucet is opened, the pressure in the pump drops down to low pressure – usually 20 PSI, and the pump will start running and maintain constant pressure while the faucet is open.  Once the faucet is closed, the pump will continue to run until it meets its high pressure cut off.

Either pump system should always be used before filtration and disinfection — which will be our next topic.

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Rainwater Harvesting Cuts Costs & Reduces Stormwater Runoff

62907kirkland0503_PubSafetyBldgRainBank Rainwater Collection Systems is pleased to announce completion of two 5,300 gallon rainwater collection tanks for the new Kirkland Public Safety Building. Both tanks will collect water from a segment of the building’s roof and divert to irrigation for new plantings. The Safety building was a former Costco building remodeled for the city of Kirkland to be used as the new courthouse, police station and jail.

New landscaping will be watered automatically by the rain tanks via a computerized controller which will regulate how long and what times watering will take place. With 10,600 gallons of storage and a roof collection area of approximately 20,000 sq. ft., even a small amount of rain in the summer should supply the new plantings with rainwater.

Infiltration ofKirkland Public Safety the soil during watering will reduce the building’s stormwater runoff and save money by not using city water.

RainBank Rainwater Collection Systems is proud to be a part of this and other commercial projects making the Seattle area a better place to live.

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