RainBank is an ARCSA accredited designer and installer of rainwater systems and also consults on water systems for both potable, household water use and non-potable for landscaping irrigation, fire protection, toilet flushing, and more.

RainBank is the Northwest region distributor for  Contain Water Tanks, which are backed with a 20-year warranty.

RainBank will design, install and package systems from 2,500 gallons to 50,000 gallons.

RainBank’s customers are

  • Eco-friendly homeowners seeking to add rainwater collection or integrate into plans for a new premium or custom built residence
  • Architects developing plans for premium residential projects
  • High-end building contractors specializing in custom builds
  • Commercial contractors where rainwater harvesting is a component to the scope of the project

RainBank’s experienced team provides customers with an integrated, progressive and modern approach to sustainable, premium water systems.

Federal Aviation Administration, Neah Bay, WA
Federal Aviation Administration, Neah Bay, WA


DESIGNcomplete systems with performance specifications.

ENGINEERING & PERMITTING to meet all legal requirements from county and state agencies; cost effective, fast & hassle free.

INSTALLATION includes onsite management for installation of rainwater harvesting and storage systems.

CONSULTING is available throughout the US Including Hawaii, for all rainwater harvesting systems.

FEASIBILITY STUDY is the first step to take if you aren’t sure about whether or not a rainwater collection system is right for your project. Contact us for a quote.

PACKAGING customized kits & blueprints for do-it-your-selfers, those in remote locations, tract housing developers and large companies.

PRODUCTS:  RainBank is a dealer for the following rainwater system tanks and components:

  • Contain steel water tanks (carrying a 20 year warranty)
  • WISY Products
  • Davey pumps
  • Premier Plastics water tanks
  • National water testing
  • GC Solenoid valves
  • Filter cartridge replacements
  • Tuffy screen basket liners

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