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RainBank Rainwater Systems is a full-service rainwater systems contracting company offering Design – Permitting – Construction throughout Washington State and others.

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RainBank Rainwater Systems are custom designed to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. Whether commercial or residential, potable or non-potable, RainBank works closely with architects, designers, builders, and individual homeowners who appreciate face to face consultations and flexible / scalable solutions. Rainwater collection is appropriate for small scale residential needs and large scale commercial applications. Rainwater collection can help mitigate stormwater runoff, while providing a viable water source for irrigation, wash down, toilet and laundry facilities. With proper design rainwater collection can supplement city water usage for both residential and commercial demands. If properly filtered and disinfected rainwater can provide whole house potable usage in many Washington State counties. Rainwater collection and use can be integrated into a drainage plan to meet the new 2016 storm water codes.

Underground Tank Construction3Permitting can be complex and sometimes frustrating, especially when the rules change. RainBank Rainwater Systems meets all requirements of permitting and engineering for our customers from city, county, and state agencies. We stay up to date on changing codes and permitting requirements, taking the guesswork out of the process. RainBank designs and assembles customized kits and plans for the do-it-yourselfers. Providing detailed designs and components with support from our engineering department.

FiltrationAll onsite management and installation are by ARCSA accredited installers and licensed plumbers. RainBank offers turnkey solutions and we guarantee our work. We specify and order all materials and components, delivered to your location and install, finalize and test your system. We only specify and install the most reliable components that meet our experience of over fifteen years installing systems. We train our customers on how to maintain their systems so they become their own purveyor of water.

Contain Water TanksAdding to our full-service philosophy, RainBank is a distributor of Contain Steel Water Tanks, carrying an unmatched 20-year warranty. We offer other products as a distributor or dealer including:

  • Wisy Products
  • Davey pumps
  • Premier plastic water tanks
  • GC Solenoid valves
  • National water testing
  • Filter cartridge replacement
  • Cascadian Back flush devices
  • Tuffy Screen basket Liners

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South Seattle Community Rainwater Collection Seminar

Ken Blair, presenting in Seattle
Ken Blair presenting in Seattle

An American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) lifetime member and ARCSA Northwest Regional Representative, RainBank Rainwater Systems is committed to the education and advancement of best practices of rainwater collection in Washington State. RainBank recently was asked to conduct a seminar at South Seattle Community College for the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GrIP) an active group of landscapers, cistern installers, and Seattle Rainwise program contractors.

GrIP Purpose Statement: 

The Green Infrastructure Partnership is a group of nonprofit, government and community-based organizations working with the public to offer solutions to stormwater pollution. Our participants do this through education, technical assistance and incentive programs. Our purpose is to increase networking, collaborating and coordinating opportunities for public engagement. Our goal is to bolster voluntary adoption of green infrastructure as a viable, affordable and effective solution to reduce stormwater runoff polluting Puget Sound. 

The two hour class included design considerations, implementation, components, and maintenance of systems as well as an introduction to new 2016 code and storm water requirements. An active, open discussion with Seattle community attendees followed the presentation with a question and answer period from the more than 30 participants. An ARCSA Accreditation Workshop in the near future was enthusiastically supported by the audience. RainBank will follow up with scheduling and registration information . ARCSA is the leader in education of rainwater collection in the US and Canada with most authorities recognizing ARCSA Accredited Professionals as experts in the field.  

RainBank Rainwater Systems would like to thank all participants of this latest rainwater collection systems seminar and encourage all participants and other interested parties to help bring the next ARCSA Accredited Professional Work shop to Seattle.

Rainwater Collection From Whatcom to Wahkiakum

Xerxes underground tanksFrom Whatcom to Wahkiakum, rainwater collection is gaining popularity in most Washington counties. 

Whether potable or non potable, rainwater collection and use is proving to be a solution to new, stricter storm water codes throughout Washington State and elsewhere. The 2016 storm water code became effective in January 2016 and its regulations are to protect people, property and the environment from damage caused by runoff. The new code is in compliance with the new  Stormwater Discharge National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES).

The new Stormwater Code addresses;

  • Drainage control submittal and plan review requirements
  • Where stormwater from your site needs to go
  • On-Site Stormwater Management best practices (previously known as Green Stormwater infrastructure)
  • Erosion control requirements
  • Flow control and treatment requirements
  • Enforcement of the code

In keeping with the 2016 new Stormwater code, a Drainage Review for your project is required if you are;

  • Disturbing more than 750 square feet of land
  • Adding or replacing more than 750 square feet of hard surface 
  • Adding or replacing more than 750 square feet of a building

Rainwater collection and use can help mitigate the hard surfaces such as pavement or roof area for new construction or remodels. On site infiltration by the way of rain gardens, drywalls, irrigation and retention of rainwater is an effective practice used in stormwater management. The use of rainwater for toilet flushing, laundry facility, wash down, cooling towers, and domestic household potable use can reduce the amount of storm water run off and a reduction of city water usage. The benefits environmentally and finically for the property owner and city can be recognized as a viable solution and is excepted as part of the reduction of storm water run off. 

If you’re located in or around the Seattle area – from Wahkiakum  to Whatcom, for further information on the new stormwater code, visit:  http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/codesrules/codes/stormwater/