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Full-Service Rainwater Systems Company

RainBank Rainwater Systems is a full-service rainwater systems contracting company offering Design – Permitting – Construction throughout Washington State and others.

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RainBank Rainwater Systems are custom designed to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. Whether commercial or residential, potable or non-potable, RainBank works closely with architects, designers, builders, and individual homeowners who appreciate face to face consultations and flexible / scalable solutions. Rainwater collection is appropriate for small scale residential needs and large scale commercial applications. Rainwater collection can help mitigate stormwater runoff, while providing a viable water source for irrigation, wash down, toilet and laundry facilities. With proper design rainwater collection can supplement city water usage for both residential and commercial demands. If properly filtered and disinfected rainwater can provide whole house potable usage in many Washington State counties. Rainwater collection and use can be integrated into a drainage plan to meet the new 2016 storm water codes.

Underground Tank Construction3Permitting can be complex and sometimes frustrating, especially when the rules change. RainBank Rainwater Systems meets all requirements of permitting and engineering for our customers from city, county, and state agencies. We stay up to date on changing codes and permitting requirements, taking the guesswork out of the process. RainBank designs and assembles customized kits and plans for the do-it-yourselfers. Providing detailed designs and components with support from our engineering department.

FiltrationAll onsite management and installation are by ARCSA accredited installers and licensed plumbers. RainBank offers turnkey solutions and we guarantee our work. We specify and order all materials and components, delivered to your location and install, finalize and test your system. We only specify and install the most reliable components that meet our experience of over fifteen years installing systems. We train our customers on how to maintain their systems so they become their own purveyor of water.

Contain Water TanksAdding to our full-service philosophy, RainBank is a distributor of Contain Steel Water Tanks, carrying an unmatched 20-year warranty. We offer other products as a distributor or dealer including:

  • Wisy Products
  • Davey pumps
  • Premier plastic water tanks
  • GC Solenoid valves
  • National water testing
  • Filter cartridge replacement
  • Cascadian Back flush devices
  • Tuffy Screen basket Liners

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Rainwater Collection is Ramping Up

In a recent article for Forester Network, about the growing rainwater collection industry, ARCSA president David Crawford says, “The field is really ramping up…”

The article goes on to explain, “There are a variety of methods of collecting rainwater – rain barrels, aboveground or underground cisterns, and other collection devices. Such harvested rainwater is frequently used for irrigation, but can also be a source of water for flushing toilets, washing vehicles, and, in some cases, for drinking water.”

Starting off the year by hitting the ground running, RainBank Rainwater Systems of Seattle is currently designing and building systems from Portland, Oregon to Whatcom County, Washington.

As the industry grows beyond a small niche market and becomes mainstream, RainBank has met the call for new steel water tank options in the Washington commercial and residential market with Contain Water Systems Inc – which carry a 20 year, industry high, warranty.

1-onequarter inch coarse filter_RainBankA dealer for Wisy products, Davey Pumps and Viaqua ultra violet disinfection systems – are all available from RainBank (contact us for more information). Additionally, RainBank recognizes the need for ease of ordering rainwater system components online from a local dealer and is continuing to build its website shopping cart.

RainBank Rainwater Systems has 15 years experience in the rainwater harvesting industry and is recognized by top engineering firms, architects and builders in the Pacific Northwest for consulting, design, and construction as the most knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted firm available. Contact RainBank today.

Rainwater Catchment Components from RainBank

tank below grade w_ concrete foundationRainBank Rainwater Systems is the foremost rainwater collection designer, installer, and supplier of rainwater catchment components in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

RainBank embraces an integrated, progressive approach to sustainable, premium water systems and works with eco-friendly homeowners seeking to add rainwater collection or assimilate into plans for a new premium or custom built residence.

Architects consult RainBank’s expertise at the development stage, for ease of integration of rainwater harvesting into premium residential and commercial projects.

High-end building contractors specializing in custom builds, work with RainBank to ensure the highest quality and appropriately sized steel tanks for their clients’ water storage needs.

RBRWC917154RainBank is an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) accredited designer/installer of non-potable and potable water systems for residential and commercial applications.

Following our 2015 announcement that we are a dealer of the Wisy 4-step rainwater collection system, we are eager to share that we’ve added even more items to our product line:

Steel Water Storage Tanks: RainBank has been awarded a Pinnacle Water Tank dealership for Washington and Oregon and is a Contain Water Systems Inc. certified installer. Read more. 

Pump without controllersDavey Pumps: If you’ve got low water pressure, a Davey BT Series booster pump (available with or without controllers) can solve your low pressure woes by boosting your existing water supply and giving you the ultimate in strong, even water pressure. The Torrium-II® boosts low or fluctuating mains water pressure to give you strong, even water pressure for your comfort and convenience.

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