What is the Best Storage Tank for my Rainwater Catchment System?

What is the Best Storage Tank for my Rainwater Catchment SystemThis is Part 4 in the series “How to Build a Rainwater Collection System”.  Click to see parts one, two and three

What is the best storage tank for my rainwater catchment system?

Rainwater from your roof needs to be stored for future use and there are many types and manufacturers of water storage tanks. Above ground plastic tanks are a economical way to store rainwater. Most potable plastic water tanks are made from Polyethylene and it is recommended that they be “tumble molted”.

What is the Best Storage Tank for my Rainwater Catchment System2Sizes vary from a simple 50 gallon rain barrel all the way up to 10,000 gallons. All should have a UV protection warranty for at least 8 years. Dark colors are recommended to alleviate light penetration which can cause algae growth. Multiple tanks can be manifolded together to achieve the volume of storage needed. Keep in mind that plumbing should be under ground for frost protection.

There are vertical cylinder plastic water tanks if you have a large area for storage. Slim line design plastic water tanks are best suited for urban settings where space is an issue. There are box type plastic water tanks for storage under decks.

All rainwater storage tanks should be NSF approved for drinking water, should you decide to go potable now or in the future. There is a tank that will fit every application.

In the next installment of this series, we will discuss steel tanks with poly liners.

Ken Blair
A rainwater collection systems designer and consultant, Ken has designed and installed residential and commercial systems, primarily in the northwest United States for more than 10 years and, in 2014, began consulting and managing builds in other states. Ken is an accredited ARCSA Professional Designer / Installer and Life Member, the Northwest Regional ARCSA representative and advisor to its education committee and is available to speak about Rainwater Collection Systems design and builds.

Ken is a United States Navy veteran, having served on active duty during the Vietnam War era.

A career entrepreneur, Ken created a new business focus with a commercial dive company in Hawaii in the mid 1980′s to respond to and clean up oil spills, oil spill equipment training, service and maintenance for the oil co-op service industry. Ken is passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and is also a founding director of BANK-ON-RAIN (2011-2014), whose mission is to create grassroots solutions for rainwater collection for consumption and agriculture in developing areas of the planet.

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  1. We’re looking for a 2500 gallon or so catchment tank and we’ve read about plastic tanks failing within 5 or so years. What type of tank will last 20` years?

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