Concerned With Aesthetics of Above Ground Water Storage?

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Concerned With Aesthetics of Above Ground Water Storage?Are you concerned with the aesthetics of above ground water storage?  Then underground storage may be right for you.

Underground storage tanks need to be structurally engineered to withstand the inward pressures of back filling and compacting. Most will need to be weighted down so ground water will not “float” the tank when empty.  It is advised that a curtain drain be installed at bottom of excavation to allow excess ground water to drain away for the same reason.

Buried tanks can be fiberglass, plastic, and cement. Large sizes (over 2,000 gallons) tend to be fiberglass, while smaller plastic tanks (up to 2,000 gallons) can be manifolded together to achieve the desired capacity. Cement tanks should be lined with a poly liner and “mono poured” when constructed.

Other specialty tanks consist of modular which are may be buried and bladder or pillow tanks that can be placed in crawl spaces.

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Ken Blair
A rainwater collection systems designer and consultant, Ken has designed and installed residential and commercial systems, primarily in the northwest United States for more than 10 years and, in 2014, began consulting and managing builds in other states. Ken is an accredited ARCSA Professional Designer / Installer and Life Member, the Northwest Regional ARCSA representative and advisor to its education committee and is available to speak about Rainwater Collection Systems design and builds.

Ken is a United States Navy veteran, having served on active duty during the Vietnam War era.

A career entrepreneur, Ken created a new business focus with a commercial dive company in Hawaii in the mid 1980′s to respond to and clean up oil spills, oil spill equipment training, service and maintenance for the oil co-op service industry. Ken is passionate about having a positive impact on the environment and is also a founding director of BANK-ON-RAIN (2011-2014), whose mission is to create grassroots solutions for rainwater collection for consumption and agriculture in developing areas of the planet.

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  1. Great idea! I love it! I am actually pretty concerned about the aesthetics above ground as many clients visit the place where my water storage is! Thanks!

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