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Seattle Times: Utility Rates Could Soar – Rainwater Harvesting Saves Money

“Seattle Utility rates could soar” according to the Seattle Times Jan-22-14

Steel Tank Residential_watermarkedOfficials at Seattle Public Utilities say they will need to raise rates about 30 percent over the next six years. “Over the past decade, the utility’s rates have gone up 96 percent, while the rate of inflation in the Seattle Tacoma area has risen 25.6 percent.”

Now is the time to have a rainwater harvesting system designed and built by a professional rainwater collection system designer/installer and save money.

Underground Tank Construction3RainBank Rainwater Systems has been designing and building rainwater harvesting systems in the greater Puget Sound area for over 10 years and is an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association lifetime member and an accredited professional. RainBank specializes in potable supplementary whole house systems in the Seattle area.

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