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Create Your Own Water Supply

As we’ve written many times over the years, you can create your own water supply, not just for drinking, but also for laundry, toilet and irrigation in a commercial and residential environment, depending on where your home or business is located.

Here’s an article we shared in June 2014, about how rainwater collection is a reliable water supply alternative to city or well water.

“Below are some notable findings on rainwater collection compiled by ARCSA from the 2013 Report Card on America’s Infrastructure from the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Water Companies:”  read more

Can You Drink Rainwater?

rain-316579_640Can you drink rainwater?

Despite increasing awareness about rainwater harvesting and its benefits, there is still word to get out about how and why collecting rainwater makes sense in a world where resources are limited and sometimes nonexistent. Whether due to drought conditions or aging infrastructure, millions of people around the world don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water.  Here is an article, originally published in June 2014, titled Is My Rainwater Safe to Drink?

Sanitization seems to be a most elusive and complicated topic in Rainwater Harvesting for the home owner, as well as for the designer or operator. There are no general definitive answers as to what device or treatment is appropriate for all systems. The main question is “When is my water safe to drink?”

Presently, thousands of people die or become gravely ill due to lack of clean water throughout the world. Rainwater is generally a safer potable source than surface water; however it may carry pathogens that could pose a health risk.

RainBank has published a free article to help you determine when your rainwater is safe to drink. Click here for a free download to the entire article and don’t forget to check the box below to receive new posts via your inbox. Of course, if you have questions – contact us – our team will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. You can also find RainBank on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

Collecting Drinking Water in Seattle

fountain-752450_640We receive many requests from Seattle and King County residents about whether they can collect water for drinking, and if so, how does the process work?

Here are some of our favorite blog posts about collecting drinking water in Seattle:


You can have a potable rainwater collection system designed by an engineer, licensed in the state of Washington with experience in RWC, or an ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) accredited professional. READ MORE

In January 2011, King County Department of Health adopted rainwater collection for potable use for detached single-family dwellings. READ MORE

In October 2009 Washington State revised its water rights laws to allow rainwater collection. King County (Seattle) has adopted rainwater collection for potable use in single-family dwellings, as well. READ MORE

When all is said and done, once you’ve decided to add rainwater collection to your new or existing dwelling, it’s important that you work with an accredited professional with the knowledge and resources to design and build a system that will meet your water needs for many years.