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Underground Rainwater Storage

Green Tank ExcavationMore urban customers are inquiring about underground storage for rainwater catchment systems. With limited space in a typical city backyard and the desire to keep what little space there is unobstructed by large cisterns, buried tanks are the solution.

underground tankThe decision to choose underground storage comes with added costs.

Below grade cisterns require considerations and costs that are not typical with above ground storage. Structural requirements, added excavation, and drainage are factors in costs. The costs of engineering and materials add to the manufacturing costs of below grade cisterns. Added labor, such as excavation, more than likely will include the need to export soil off the site and the import of drain rock. Buried tanks require cement hold-downs and proper drainage of tank placement to eliminate possible floatation of the tank when water levels in the tank are low and ground water levels are high. Below grade cisterns can be 2 to 2.5 times more expensive than above ground to design, purchase and install properly.

Buried tanksExperience in below grade cistern design and installation is the key factor in the success and costs of the project. Understanding the added costs before hand will help ease sticker shock.


It’s Time to Get Serious About How We Choose to Use Water

Watering-76e7f031364af9f0a9a0e8545ae150d3The lingering and controversial California drought has unearthed some interesting views about how we prioritize how we use water. What if there was a way to conserve drinking water and STILL have enough to water our drought thirsty lawns or wash laundry – or to clean  trucks in a commercial facility?

The time has come to get serious about how we choose to use water!

Do you know that only one inch of rain can supply thousands of gallons of water for non-drinking uses?  Think in terms of lawn watering, toilet facilities and laundry for commercial and residential applications. The time has come to get serious about how we choose to use water; the reality is (especially in California) that there may not be enough for drinking one day – and sooner than you might think.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has released a video that quickly points out the benefits to capturing rain water for use in irrigation.  Take a look at the video below and consider adding rainwater collection to your next residential or commercial project.