Rainwater Systems Provide Years of Quality Domestic Use

lopez island rainwater collection tankA well-designed and soundly constructed rainwater collection system, with scheduled ongoing maintenance, will provide years of quality domestic use.

RainBank Rainwater Systems has been providing safe, clean, reliable water for whole house usage for years.  Recently, we went to Lopez Island to provide maintenance and inspections for systems installed over a decade ago. RainBank was established on Lopez Island, WA, and it now has some of the longest running systems in the state. These systems were designed and constructed to provide whole house, potable water usage.

Lopez Island WA rainwater harvesting tankSan Juan County was the first county in Washington State to allow rainwater collection for potable use, due to salt water intrusion of wells like RainBank president, Ken Blair’s system. Low production and higher levels of fecal coliform or nitrates are other factors that have plagued wells in this area.

RainBank Rainwater Systems has been providing ongoing, scheduled maintenance for many of these customers since their installs, while other, do-it-yourself customers have observed and learned how to maintain their own systems. All of these rainwater systems are still providing a viable source of water for whole house usage.

U.S. Water Supply Challenges

ARCSA conferencelogoSeattle based RainBank Rainwater Collection Systems to attend ARCSA conference addressing U.S. Water Supply Challenges.

This year marks ARCSA‘s 20th anniversary, and its annual conference will put the focus on Rainwater Harvesting: Solutions to U.S. Water Supply Challenges.

The annual rainwater collection conference, to be held in Phoenix, AZ this November, will offer presentations from educators, industry professionals, and keynote speakers, with topics including legislative action, codes and standards, guidelines, along with panel discussions, and workshops centered around rainwater collection.

Ken Blair, RainBank LLCRainBank’s president Ken Blair was tapped to present a session on Urban Rainwater Collection and its effects on stormwater runoff mitigation.

Additionally, Ken will participate in an advanced continuing education course to attain the designation of Inspection Specialist (IS), augmenting his already achieved, Accredited Professional (AP) qualification and lifetime member status.

Adding the IS accreditation to its list of qualifications solidly identifies RainBank as the leader in rainwater catchment systems design and installation for commercial and residential customers, especially for Seattle area customers and classifies RainBank as the most qualified, up to date, professional Rainwater Collection company in the industry.