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U.S. Water Supply Challenges

ARCSA conferencelogoSeattle based RainBank Rainwater Collection Systems to attend ARCSA conference addressing U.S. Water Supply Challenges.

This year marks ARCSA‘s 20th anniversary, and its annual conference will put the focus on Rainwater Harvesting: Solutions to U.S. Water Supply Challenges.

The annual rainwater collection conference, to be held in Phoenix, AZ this November, will offer presentations from educators, industry professionals, and keynote speakers, with topics including legislative action, codes and standards, guidelines, along with panel discussions, and workshops centered around rainwater collection.

Ken Blair, RainBank LLCRainBank’s president Ken Blair was tapped to present a session on Urban Rainwater Collection and its effects on stormwater runoff mitigation.

Additionally, Ken will participate in an advanced continuing education course to attain the designation of Inspection Specialist (IS), augmenting his already achieved, Accredited Professional (AP) qualification and lifetime member status.

Adding the IS accreditation to its list of qualifications solidly identifies RainBank as the leader in rainwater catchment systems design and installation for commercial and residential customers, especially for Seattle area customers and classifies RainBank as the most qualified, up to date, professional Rainwater Collection company in the industry.

Take The WaterSense Quiz

Take The WaterSense QuizIn Seattle, we are not facing a water shortage. Here at RainBank, we take aging water systems, water usage, storage and rainwater collection seriously.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun while being mindful about water.

Who hasn’t tried the fun quizzes on Buzzfeed – like “How Many US States Have You Visited?” or “How Well Do You Know the Solar System?”

The EPA has joined the quiz frenzy with a WaterSense Quiz, a fun game to test your knowledge and share some facts about water.

The object of the game is to move the water-efficiency hero, aptly named Flo, through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters such as Sogosaurus and Drainiac.

It may seem like child’s play, but if you try the EPA’s new interactive online quiz, you’ll be sure to learn a few facts about water usage.  

Click here to play the game (Editor’s note – this version may not be mobile friendly), or click here to view a text only version of the quiz. Take your turn and leave us a comment to let us know how you scored!