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Rainwater Collection and Developing Countries

Along with advancing rainwater collection in the United States, RainBank is also instrumental in promoting rainwater collection in developing countries.

In July 2013, RainBank and Bank on Rain, a non-profit organization providing solutions to developing countries for clean drinking water, flew a team to Sierra Leone, Africa to assist with providing clean drinking water and sanitation education to school children.

Here’s an update from Ken in 2013:

Rainwater Collection in Developing Countries

 “Well it looks like the Sierra Leone crew has been busy. They have made all the blocks for their new water tank and for another tank that we will build in Allentown for another school. This crew has started a business with our block press and is now making a little money. We will use this crew to teach the Allentown school and if they want to start a small business as well, we will purchase a press for them. So not only are we providing a safe water source, we have started to help young entrepreneurs. VERY SATISFYING!! Sounds like we will head over there in about 2 – 3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing my friends and colleagues again in Sierra Leone Africa.”

RainBank believes it’s not only important to design and build the best available rainwater systems, but we believe it is vital to share our knowledge because safe drinking water is a right, not a privilege.


Rainwater Harvesting Industry Conference

ARCSA conf 2014_Ken Blair_blogRainBank’s Ken Blair has been busy attending the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) conference in Phoenix, AZ.  Yesterday, he delivered his own seminar on Urban Rainwater Case Studies.

ARCSA conf 2014 blogTo further his own knowledge of the rainwater harvesting industry, Ken sat in on several other professional presentations: ARCSA’s involvement in community education, net zero water development concepts, a green plumbing technical overview, low impact development, and then gave his own presentation on urban rainwater case studies and its relation to storm water runoff.

Today, Ken will attend an Inspection Specialist workshop. This class will advance Ken’s accredited professional endorsement to Inspection Specialist. Ken is also pleased to announce he was voted in as northwest regional representative of ARCSA and will be an advisor to the education committee.

RainBank Rainwater Systems is proud to be part of this fine rainwater harvesting organization and is committed to help lead the way in its advancement of education and promotion of the rainwater collection industry.

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