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Rainwater Catchment is a Viable Source of Clean Water for Home

Seattle Downtown After RainSeattle residents are discovering that rainwater catchment is a viable source of clean water for their homes.

Many Seattle residents are having rainwater collection systems designed and installed to augment their city water usage.  A simple rain barrel system that the home owner can install is just the tip of the iceberg for the increased use of rainwater collection.

Irrigation demands of landscaping are being met by rainwater catchment in urban environments by residential and commercial consumers. Whether the application is for new construction or existing buildings and homes, many are opting for a greener way to control stormwater runoff. While new construction is mandated to infiltrate on-site runoff from roofs, existing buildings and homes are discovering rainwater collection can offset their water and sewer bill.

Rainwater is generally without chlorine or additives that city water has and is beneficial to the healthy growth of plants. A simple rain barrel system for small irrigation needs is easy to install and can supply enough water for a limited amount of irrigation. Larger systems for irrigation can be achieved with underground cistern or slimline tanks. These systems are generally gravity fed to the cisterns and pressurized with a booster pump to faucets or hose bibs.

Rainwater catchment for irrigation demands is the introduction to household usage such as toilet and or laundry facility systems. Approximately 50% of household use of water is for these purposes. Whole house use of filtered, disinfected rainwater can supplement city water usage with quality, safe, potable water thus reducing monthly water and sewer bills. An automated system, when designed and properly installed, allows a homeowner or commercial building maintenance personnel, hands-free switching from city to rainwater.

Seattle Downtown After Rain” by ruoyun is licensed under CCby2.0

How You Can Cut Your Seattle Water Bill in Half

Toilet and laundry account for 51% of domestic water usage, which can be very expensive, especially when you are actually flushing it down the drain. 

Bellvue Residential rainwater systemYou can cut your water bill in half by installing a rainwater collection system like the one RainBank has designed and is currently building in Bellevue, WA.  This rainwater harvesting system is a 7,200 gallon buried tank for a newly constructed residence. The four 1800 gallon tanks will provide water for toilet flushing, laundry facility, and some irrigation. The tanks are designed to be buried with three feet of soil on top, putting them out of sight and allowing landscaping to be in place.

As a bonus, the stored water can also be an auxiliary supply for firefighting with a simple hydrant.

Do you have an old swimming pool that is no longer wanted?  That is what this hole was before RainBank’s installation. 

Seattle Approves First Potable Rainwater Collection System for Residential Use

Seattle Approves First Potable Rainwater Collection System for Residential UseRainBank is pleased to have designed and installed the first rainwater collection system for potable usage in Seattle city limits.  It is supplementary to city water and uses just 3,000 gallons of storage and deionization filtration for collection from an asphalt shingle roof.

The deionization filtration system will remove all toxins from the asphalt roof, and bring the pH level to nominal 7.0. The system will mitigate 65% of the customer’s city water usage. The potable water is of laboratory ultra-pure quality, as proven by samples taken and sent to the lab. The six 530 gallon tanks are a slim line design, enabling placement in a confined area.

Seattle Approves First Potable Rainwater Collection System for Residential UseHave you thought about rainwater collection for potable usage but were deterred because you have an asphalt shingle roof? Here is your answer.