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Rainwater Collection is Catching On

SeaScoutBase_Galveston_RainBank_projectBoth commercial and residential rainwater collection customers are expressing more interest than ever before, which is a large part of the reason that RainBank Rainwater Systems has seen a 50% bump in growth over the last year.

Architectural  and engineering firms are including rainwater collection systems in their designs. Cities, and counties throughout the state are beginning to understand the connection between stormwater management and rainwater collection.

Developers are saving money on large water bills with rainwater collection, while complying with he “Green Storm water Infrastructure” (GSI). Green building and low impact development are becoming more popular with the general public.  Residential customers, new construction and retrofits are recognizing the long-term cost savings, water quality, and security of a more decentralized water system. As a whole, the public is becoming more environmentally aware of our environmental impact and are finding ways to make that impact positive.

County and City planners, building departments, and health departments need to have the tools to make proper choices of acceptance, promotion, code and permitting of rainwater collection systems. RainBank’s president, Ken Blair is the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association’s (ARCSA) Northwest regional representative and can schedule an ARCSA workshop for those civil departments, engineering and architectural firms this summer in Seattle. Interested parties please contact Ken using the contact form, or directly at Ken at RainBank dot info.

Is Seattle Making Progress on Stormwater Solutions?

Space_Needle_Mount_Ranier_Seattle_Washington_USAIs Seattle Making Progress on Stormwater Solutions?

With all of the new construction taking place in the Seattle area, many commercial projects have stepped up to the plate and have adopted rainwater collection in their building’s designs to address stormwater solutions.

Below are photos of some of the commercial projects RainBank Rainwater Systems has been involved with over the last few years. Congratulations to all the engineering firms, general contractors, designers, and owners of these buildings for being on the leading edge of conservation, sustainability, and stormwater mitigation.

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