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Are You Collecting Winter Rain for Next Summer?

waterAccording to some predictions, this winter the Seattle area will continue with warmer than typical temperatures. Essentially we could have a repeat of last winter with not much snowpack towards the end of winter. The good news is – we are getting above average of rainfall this December and the trend is expected to follow  throughout the winter.

“There’s a 90 percent chance El Niño will continue through this winter and a 80 percent chance it will extend to early spring 2016″, the National Weather Service’s Climate Center reported.

Rich Marriott, King 5 meteorologist, said “The likelihood of warmer than normal temperatures for the Pacific Northwest. It also means less precipitation but not necessarily less rainfall.”

buried tankWe stand a good chance of seeing a lot of the snow pack disappear before early spring, which puts us in a possible drought condition again next summer.

Collection systems for RainBank customers in Seattle and outlying areas are almost full with some overflowing, thanks to the recent record rainfall. There is enough rainfall that they will be able to continue using their rainwater for domestic use and, more than likely, will go into spring with enough water to last through the summer. 

Last summer, some water districts experienced shortages and were forced to buy water from larger districts. Those who have a sustainable rainwater collection system designed and installed by RainBank Rainwater Systems will be more prepared for these shortages with stored water. tank on truckMost of our designed/installed systems in the Seattle area are supplemental to city water, allowing storage of the collected rain for those times when most needed. 

Are you ready for another long dry summer? There is still time. Contact RainBank Rainwater Systems for a free consultation. 

King County Technical Changes to Rainwater Collection Codes

seattle-skylinePublic Health Seattle & King County On-site Sewage System Program Supervisor Lynn Schneider goes before the King County Board of Health to explain the adoption of reference numbers to align with state references to plumbing code for individual wells.  As rainwater collection moves into the mainstream, King County Codes are being updated for rainwater collection to align with the health code numbers.

Click below to watch clip (referenced media is from 1:03 to 1:07:

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Live and Recorded Public meetings of Board of Health on 2015-10-15 1:30 PM for King County

No changes are being made to rainwater collection codes, just the numbers, so as to mitigate confusion between King County code numbers and state Board of Health documents. It represents a technical, not a policy change.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

teamwork-606818_640On this Labor day I would like to thank each and every member on RainBank Rainwater Systems’ team for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to making RainBank the leader in rainwater collection in the Seattle area.

A company is only as good as its personnel, and you are the best team around. I take great pride and joy in working with you all and I look forward to continuing offering customers quality designs, installs, and customer service for their water needs.

Each one of you is an essential part of RainBank Rainwater Systems’ progressive approach to rainwater collection.

Sonia, Chad, Tracy, Taylor, and Joey you are RainBank Rainwater Systems.