Team Work Makes the Dream Work

teamwork-606818_640On this Labor day I would like to thank each and every member on RainBank Rainwater Systems’ team for their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to making RainBank the leader in rainwater collection in the Seattle area.

A company is only as good as its personnel, and you are the best team around. I take great pride and joy in working with you all and I look forward to continuing offering customers quality designs, installs, and customer service for their water needs.

Each one of you is an essential part of RainBank Rainwater Systems’ progressive approach to rainwater collection.

Sonia, Chad, Tracy, Taylor, and Joey you are RainBank Rainwater Systems.

Labor Day Water Safety

life-belt-498453_640Here in the United States, we are embarking on the Labor Day weekend, the unofficial last gasp of summer. Traditionally, for many folks, Labor Day is a chance to spend a long weekend with family and loved ones. Many of us spend this downtime outside, either on or near water.

Here are some tips for keeping your family safe on, in and around bodies of water:

  • Never leave children alone around with water whether it is in a pool, wading pool, drainage ditch, creek, pond or lake.
  • Constantly watch children who are swimming or playing in water. They need an adult or certified lifeguard watching and within reach.
  • Secure access to swimming pools. Use fences, self-closing and latching gates, and water surface alarms.
  • Completely remove pool covers when the pool is in use.
  • Store water toys away from the water when not in use so they don’t attract a small child.
  • Don’t assume young children will use good judgment and caution around water.
  • Be ready for emergencies. Keep emergency telephone numbers handy and learn CPR. F Find out if your child’s friends or neighbors have home pools.

For more information about water safety and children, visit Watch Kids Around Water

Have a safe, happy and healthy Labor Day holiday.

Singing in the Rain With Potable Water

Potable System Seattle under constructionPotable water collection has Seattle residents singing in the rain.

It’s a tight fit in this backyard, but RainBank Rainwater Systems always anticipates and appreciates the opportunity to rise to a water collection challenge! A bonus is, given the drought conditions, that this Seattle customer will soon have drinking water, supplied by rain.

Under the watchful eye of RainBank’s staff, the first of two 5,000 gallon, potable water tanks are put into place by Extreme Excavation.

The system will provide this Seattle residence with quality potable water for whole-house use and should be collecting water by end of next week.

RainBank Rainwater Systems continues providing its customers with top of the line installs in the Seattle area offering design built potable rainwater harvesting systems.

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