Buried Tanks Offer Zero Visual Impact

Underground Tank Construction2How do you install tanks with no visual impact?

With more than ten years of experience in rainwater collection system designs and tank installs, RainBank loves a good challenge. The issue at hand was to have the storage systems leave no visual impact for a residence with broad, sweeping landscaping.  The solution: buried tanks.

lowering underground tankThis 5,000 gallon tank needed to be placed on its dug pad 10 feet below the driveway and down an existing rockery. RainBank used a mini excavator to control lowering the tank over the edge and into it’s resting place. With a little landscaping at the top of the rockery, you won’t even see the buried tank.

Underground Tank Construction3


The rest of the storage for this potable system consists of four – 1,800 gallon buried tanks in the back yard from which an old swimming pool was excavated and the tanks put in its place.

Buried tanks - after

After the tanks were installed, they were back filled and the yard was restored to a nice lawn area with no tanks visible.



Think Rainwater Harvesting System Instead of Traditional Water Management

fernsEvery drop of rainwater is important and we can make smart decisions about where every raindrop goes.

Construction seals off land, making it impermeable, with less rain water getting back into our aquifers. As we consider construction plans, we want to think about low impact development (LID), and as many are now doing, adopt LID in place of traditional water management systems. LID for rainwater harvesting can be practiced in many ways – passive – via a simple rain garden, green roof, and permeable pavements – all of which passively assist in reducing rainwater runoff by redirecting it.

In an active system, you’d divert rainwater from a roof to a storage tank to be reused – possibly for laundry, toilet facilities or even drinking water.  This has commercial and residential application.

Some small systems are easy for do it yourself projects, but if you’re looking to build a complex system, you should always seek the services of an accredited professional.

To learn more about rainwater harvesting and how to build a system, visit Intro to Rainwater Harvesting, an educational webinar presented by ARCSA.

Seattle Seahawks Head to the Super Bowl!

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