Does Skagit County Allow Potable Rainwater Collection?

RWC snowIs Skagit County allowing potable rainwater collection for single family construction?

WSR 13-21-044 “in stream resources protection program” and “minimum water flows & levels” are in full effect without the 2006 amendments validated as of 10-11-13. The supreme court upheld the Dept. of Ecologies findings and the 2001 original decisions. (see)

More than 5,000 land owners are affected in the Skagit River Basins and many are wondering what to do for a source of water to develop their properties. The Dept. of Ecology has determined that rainwater collection actually augments “instream flow rates, and encourages its use , (see)

Additionally, from the Department of Ecology WA State…

Alternative Water Supplies – “We encourage Skagit and Snohomish County to remove any remaining obstacles to property owner’s use of rainwater and trucked-in water for property owners who find this option attractive and who wish to build without delay.”

Skagit County is allowing alternative sources such as rainwater collection for residential single source use, but should also be encouraging those who have no other viable source. For more information go to or contact Skagit County Health Dept.

Of course, RainBank is available for consultation and offers assistance with the permitting process to its customers.