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Steel Water Tank Distributors Wanted

Roof Access Doors
Roof Access Doors

RainBank is seeing unprecedented growth in the rainwater collection industry, specifically in commercial construction, with high demand for quality steel water tanks, like those manufactured by Contain Tank Systems, Inc.

In January, we announced that RainBank Rainwater Systems is the Northwest Pinnacle Steel Water Tank dealer and Contain Tank Systems Inc. certified installer.

The Door is Open For New Steel Water Tank Distributors

Ladders & OSHA Cages
Ladders & OSHA Cages

For our colleague companies in the sustainable construction industry with a focus on irrigation, fire suppression, rainwater systems, plumbing, engineering and architecture, RainBank wants to develop relationships with prospective steel water tank distributors in Spokane, Seattle, Portland, WA; Boise, ID and British Columbia, Canada.

If you are a plumbing supplier, fire suppression supplier, engineering firm, architect, general contractor, or mechanical contractor, we want to hear from you about partnering to distribute steel water tanks through RainBank.

Some benefits of Contain steel water tanks are:

  • Highest quality products
  • Contain Water Systems tanks are backed by a 20-year warranty, which is significantly longer than anything else found on the market
  • Tanks are engineered to meet seismic code compliance
  • Tanks come with a standard engineering package and all models have the option to be wet sealed and stamped upon request
  • Tanks come with a geotextile pre-liner and flexible membrane liner for potable and non-potable applications with tank liners secured to the walls with engineered brackets
  • Tank sizes range from 6 feet to 48 feet in diameter, with capacity up to 428,602 gallons
  • Tanks are field erected by certified installers

RainBank offers extremely competitive pricing for quality products to qualified dealers in our northwest territory. Use the form below to start the conversation about becoming a RainBank steel tank distributor.

Greater Puget Sound Area Is Thirsty for Rainwater Collection

Sea Scouts Galveston TxThirsty for Rainwater Collection.

With more than 15 years’ designing and installing rainwater collection systems in and around Washington State, RainBank moved operations to the Seattle area four years ago to meet demand for Seattle and the Puget Sound region (and beyond… see Sea Scout Base photo above).

20150720_145650-2Experience and knowledge.

Seeing increased interest, we recognized the need for an experienced and knowledgeable designer and installer in the greater Puget Sound area.

Credentials Matter

Most counties in Washington State require an American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Accredited (ARCSA) professional or Washington State licensed engineer with experience in water systems to design a potable rainwater catchment system. If the system requires pumping or filtration, a Washington State licensed plumber is required for installation of a rainwater collection system and is subject to permitting and inspections by the Department of Health. RainBank Rainwater Systems met this challenge long before it was required by the state legislature with ARCSA accreditation and in-house, licensed plumbers.

Steel Tanks

In the commercial market, there has been a need for competitive pricing for steel water tank sales and installation. After more than five years of commercial installations in the Seattle area, RainBank is filling that need as the Northwest Regional Dealer and certified installer of Pinnacle and Contain Water Tanks.

Rainwater collection is moving from niche to mainstream.

A full-service company offering design, consultation, cost analysis, permitting, construction, and component sales, RainBank’s experience and knowledge is unmatched in the industry.

RainBank is there for you to get the job done right the first time.