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Seattle Commercial Rainwater Collection Tank Installation

Steel Tanks Harvest RainwaterRainBank recently completed construction of three steel rainwater collection tanks for the Vulcan Project in South Lake Union. Seattle.  All three tanks will be used for toilet flushing and irrigation. Reducing stormwater for commercial projects is a direct approach to stormwater runoff and reducing pollution in the Puget Sound.

Ken Blair, President of RainBank LLC states, “RainBank installs steel tanks for commercial rainwater harvesting applications. A factory approved installer of CorGal water tanks, RainBank has also participated in numerous projects for Braley-Gray and Associates in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.”

Steel Tanks for Commercial Rainwater Collection

Through landscaping irrigation, large commercial projects are infiltrating stormwater from rainwater collection rather than sending it down storm drains. Since toilets are the larger use of city water, harvested rainwater for toilet flushing can mitigate up to 70 percent of water used at a commercial building.

Do you want to learn more on how your business can reduce the cost of city water usage while reducing stormwater runoff?  Leave a comment below.