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Should You be Concerned About Storm Water and the Seattle Environment?

Should You be Concerned About Storm Water and the Seattle Environment?Storm water is a concern in the Puget Sound area. Storm drains are overwhelmed during a large event resulting in sewage being released in our waterways. Fish, shellfish, and marine animals experience the brunt of these spills. Plus, toxins from roof run-off enter our storm water systems with every rainfall. Roof runoff carries oil from our driveways into the drain system and into the Puget Sound. Pesticides, fertilizers, and pet fecal matter is carried from or roof runoff into the street drainage system and into the storm water resulting in these pollutants entering the ecosystem.

By collecting the rainwater from our roofs and redirecting it to be used for irrigation, laundry facilities, toilet flushing, and potable whole house usage, residential runoff can be greatly reduced causing less impact on our environment.

The State of Washington has allowed rainwater collection for residential and commercial usage since 2009.

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