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Encyclopedic Repository On Rainwater Harvesting

encyclopedicWhen RainBank’s president and founder Ken Blair started blogging about rainwater collection in January 2014, the plan was not to only to showcase his industry expertise, but to create a repository where folks interested in capturing and reusing rainwater, whether for commercial or residential, potable and non-potable applications, would have a resource for free, timely and useful information.

Our goal for 2016 is to continue sharing stories and knowledge about rainwater collection, harvesting, and recapture – however you choose to label this term as the industry moves from niche to mainstream.

Below is an excerpt from one of our first blog posts about building a simple rainwater collection system. It’s worth another read, or if you’re new to RainBank and seeing it for the first time, let us know your thoughts.

Cottage without gutter screen

“All rainwater catchment systems begin at the roof and gutters. Whether you want to irrigate, supplement, or go for potable (drinking water) usage, you need to remove debris before storing rainwater.”  Read more…

RainBank publishes (at least) three blog posts per week, chronicling current events and items of interest about rainwater harvesting systems, consulting, design, products, and more.

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Fun With Gutters and Rainwater Collection

Rainwater collection doesn’t have to be only about conservation and calculations. Some folks have found pretty innovative ways to add a little whimsy to the whole idea.

Please take note: If collecting water for potable usage, you want to take care to use the appropriate material for the downspouts.


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