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Fire Protection Water Tanks

fire-protection-steel-tank-from-containEngineered NFPA 22 Fire Protection water Storage Tanks by Contain Water Systems Inc. and RainBank Rainwater Systems of Seattle. 

standard-wall-mountStandard wall mount NFPA Anti Vortex Assembly Flanges compression fit to the tank side wall. This design feeds through the tank wall to the exterior of the tank providing fire department direct connection.

Floor Flange Penetrations

Custom stainless steel floor flange Anti Vortex Assemblies manufactured by Contain Water Systems Inc., allow you to keep the cosmetics of your tank sleek and clean. Attached to a  4″ or 6″ suction pipe in the concrete foundation, the suction water flows directly to the hydrant outside the tank with a fire connection.

Access Doors Through Liner

Through the liner access panel allows for safe and easy access in and out of the water tank, eliminating confined space entry for tank inspections and  maintenance. This is the only through the liner access panel in the market. That, and a 20 year warranty make Contain Water Systems Inc. the best choice in Fire protection tanks.

ContainWater Systems Inc. and RainBank Rainwater Systems take pride in finding solutions to hard problems.

 “Making relationships as strong as steel.” 

Fire Protection Water Storage

You may have read that RainBank is a Master Dealer for water tanks by Contain Water Systems.

Why Contain?

They are the manufacturer of corrugated steel liquid storage tanks primarily used for the storage of water. Contain’s water series tanks and accessories come with a 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry, backed by a team of certified installers around the country ready to provide a top notch installation service for your project site.

As the most experienced designer and installer of rainwater systems in the Pacific Northwest, RainBank selects the highest quality materials and products for its customers. Many of the systems we built early on are still operating – and our customers still refer us – because our systems are build to last. With a 20 year warranty, Contain Water Systems’ steel water tanks are the perfect fit for RainBank’s selective customers.

More about Contain Water Systems Tanks and Accessories

  • Contain Water Systems Inc. Water Series tanks & accessories are designed and engineered for several applications. Rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, fire protection, irrigation, agricultural, industrial, mining, potable drinking water and many other applications.
  • Contain Water Systems Inc. water series tanks & accessories are manufactured from high quality corrugated, hot-dipped galvanized steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Contain Water Systems Inc. includes a full scale structural engineering package with each estimation designed to the seismic area in your project location throughout the USA & Canada.

Please enjoy these photos from a recent custom engineered project from Contain Water Systems Inc. This tank was built inside a pre-assembled enclosure. Model CGS 1806 NFPA 22 Fire Protection Tank providing  the customer with 41,500 gallons of fire protection water storage.

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