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Steel Tanks Without a Middleman

RainBank Rainwater Systems, a Seattle based company, is the distributor for Contain Steel Water Tanks. Contain tanks carry a 20 year warranty, unmatched by competitors. Because we are a Contain Tank distributor, we have eliminated the middleman (dealer) and pass the coast savings on to the customer.

We sell and install quality corrugated steel water tanks throughout the Pacific Northwest. With over 15 years of commercial and residential sales and installations of fire suppression tanks and Rainwater collection tanks, RainBank Rainwater Systems and Contain Steel Water Tanks have the experience to get the job done right – and on time.

When you purchase a steel water tank from RainBank, you get:

  • Highest quality products
  • Contain Water Systems tanks are backed by a 20-year warranty, which is significantly longer than anything else found on the market.
  • Tanks are engineered to meet seismic code compliance.
  • Tanks come with a standard engineering package and all models have the option to be wet sealed and stamped upon request.
  • Tanks come with a geotextile pre-liner and flexible membrane liner for potable and non-potable applications with tank liners secured to the walls with engineered brackets.
  • Tank sizes range from 6 feet to 48 feet in diameter, with capacity up to 428,602 gallons.
  • Tanks are field erected by certified installers.

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Why Steel Tanks Make Sense For Water Storage

Why do steel tanks make sense for water storage?

Fire suppression tanks from Contain Water Systems Inc., distributed by RainBank Rainwater Systems of Seattle, are fully NFPA certified and carry a 20 year warranty. Structural and seismic engineering and full installation are available throughout the U.S. Tank packages are delivered to your site where an experienced team will assemble, test, & certify that the tank has been built to Contain Water Systems’ quality standards.

All anti vortex, penetration flanges, caged ladders, and level indicators are specified to meet your project’s NFPA 22 and OSHA requirements.

Safety is always a priority for RainBank Rainwater Systems and Contain Water Systems. A ground level, through the liner access panel eliminates confined space entry during construction and maintenance.

No matter if your project is commercial or residential, rainwater harvesting, or fire suppression, costs are always a concern. Many dealers are third or even fourth party in steel water tank sales, of course each adding their markup. As a Contain Systems Inc. distributor, there is no middleman – which boosts affordability. We sell Contain Tanks to dealers and the public. We install what we sell, no subcontractors, and we stand behind our product line. Contain Water Systems Inc. water tanks carry an unmatched 20-year warranty if installed by RainBank Rainwater Systems or a certified installer.

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Fire Protection Water Storage

You may have read that RainBank is a Master Dealer for water tanks by Contain Water Systems.

Why Contain?

They are the manufacturer of corrugated steel liquid storage tanks primarily used for the storage of water. Contain’s water series tanks and accessories come with a 20 year warranty, the longest in the industry, backed by a team of certified installers around the country ready to provide a top notch installation service for your project site.

As the most experienced designer and installer of rainwater systems in the Pacific Northwest, RainBank selects the highest quality materials and products for its customers. Many of the systems we built early on are still operating – and our customers still refer us – because our systems are build to last. With a 20 year warranty, Contain Water Systems’ steel water tanks are the perfect fit for RainBank’s selective customers.

More about Contain Water Systems Tanks and Accessories

  • Contain Water Systems Inc. Water Series tanks & accessories are designed and engineered for several applications. Rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, fire protection, irrigation, agricultural, industrial, mining, potable drinking water and many other applications.
  • Contain Water Systems Inc. water series tanks & accessories are manufactured from high quality corrugated, hot-dipped galvanized steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Contain Water Systems Inc. includes a full scale structural engineering package with each estimation designed to the seismic area in your project location throughout the USA & Canada.

Please enjoy these photos from a recent custom engineered project from Contain Water Systems Inc. This tank was built inside a pre-assembled enclosure. Model CGS 1806 NFPA 22 Fire Protection Tank providing  the customer with 41,500 gallons of fire protection water storage.

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