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Is Our Planet Running Out of Water?

children-409228_640The Washington Post, using NASA data, is reporting that the planet is indeed running out of water at rates that are frightening.

According to NASA satellite data, on a worldwide basis, more fresh water is being taken out of aquifers than is going into them. This means that our planet’s water supply has hit levels that are not sustainable in the long-term.

“The situation is quite critical,” said Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and principal investigator of the University of California Irvine-led studies.

Of course, the California drought makes matters much worse, as it’s being reported that 60% of current water use there comes from aquifers – and that rate is expected to increase by the end of the year.

Read more from the Washington Post and see the  NASA satellite data for yourself.

Do you know that RainBank is a RWC leader in the Pacific Northwest? To learn more about Rainwater Collection Systems, you can also visit ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association).

Does Your Installer Follow Plumbing Codes for Rainwater Collection?

glass-475446_640Does Your Installer Follow Plumbing Codes for Rainwater Collection?

In 2013, ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems), ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers) , IAMPO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) and NSF (National Safety Federation)  established guidelines and code for rainwater collection systems.

The standard is intended to cover all of the requirements for design and installation of RWCS. The requirements in this standard are set to meet the minimum requirements and to assure safe practices for design and installation of potable rainwater collection systems.

ARCSA Accredited Professionals are trained through approved instructional sessions and must submit to continuing education arcsalogocredits every year to retain their status. Members include a host of professionals in engineering, microbiology, plumbing professionals and industry leaders, who have additional opportunities for development through networking, workshops, and conferences. ARCSA professionals are the leaders in the rainwater collection industry.

Be sure to hire only the best for your RWC design and installation to assure your system is designed and installed correctly, and meets plumbing code and adheres to safe practices.

For a listing of Accredited Professionals in you area please contact www.arcsa.org.

Rainwater Harvesting Development

white-board-593370_1280If you are an interested individual or a professional seeking educational development courses and workshops on rainwater harvesting for residential, commercial, potable or non-potable systems, you should visit ARCSA’s website to sign up for a course or webinar. For more information about ARCSA’s professional development programs and workshops, click here.

Rainwater Systems is the Northwest Regional representative for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA).

ARCSA’s mission is to promote sustainable rainwater harvesting practices to help solve potable, non-potable, stormwater and energy challenges throughout the world. which, of course, aligns with RainBank’s core values. We hope you’ll visit ARCSA and consider becoming a member.  You can sign up for ARCSA’s newsletter here.