What is Your Water Footprint?

drop-of-water-361104_1280According to National Geographic, the average American lifestyle is kept afloat by about 2,000 gallons of H2O a day—twice the global average.

Have you ever calculated your water footprint? Do you know how much water you use?  Do you know how much it costs in dollars? Do you know that how much water you use and how you use it impacts the environment?  In a recent article by Scott Tong, the author surveyed folks to see how much water they estimate the average person/family uses per day.  Then he measured how much water his family of five uses. The results were a surprising.

There are also hidden ways we use water that we don’t always take into account.  As reported by National Geographic, nearly 95 percent of your water footprint is hidden in the food you eat, energy you use, products you buy, and services you rely on. 

If you want to calculate your water footprint and learn ways to save water in your household, click here for the Water Footprint Calculator from National Geographic.