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Electric Lifting Jacks Make Difficult Installations Easier

Electric Lifting Jacks Make Difficult Installations Easier

RainBank Rainwater Systems, a Contain Water Systems Inc. distributor, can accommodate difficult installations where use of a boom truck or crane cannot be met.

A 15,000 gallon Contain Water Systems Inc. water tank was erected for single family residence as a sole source rainwater collection system. The use of electric lifting jacks provided by RainBank Rainwater Systems allowed the tank to be built without the use of heavy equipment, protecting sensitive areas on this property.

RainBank Rainwater Systems provides quality installations at competitive pricing of steel water tanks as a Contain Water Systems distributor and certified installer.

Contact us for rainwater collection, fire suppression, manufacturing, storm water retention, or any other purpose of water containment.

Precautions to Take for Summer Fire Season

Image of an ember storm from the Washington State Wildfires this year from the Washington Times Website 2015
Image of an ember storm from the Washington State Wildfires this year from the Washington Times Website 2015

Summer fire season is not far away. The past two summers have been devastating for homeowners, businesses and their communities. Over 1,600 square miles were scorched from June to September. For the first time in history, Washington State officials asked residents to volunteer in fighting the fires. Measures can be taken to protect your home from wildfires before fire season is upon us.  Some precautions homeowners can take include:

  • Create a break in vegetation with a rock path or non-flammable material around your yard to slow the spread of wildfire.
  • Create at least a 30 ft “defensible space” around your home
  • Keep your lawn and roofs free of needles and leafs.
  • Keep conifers around your home pruned well above ground level.

Many homes are not protected with public water supplies, leaving them vulnerable to fire, making these and other precautions necessary.  Homeowners, businesses and communities can be proactive by having their own source of water in case of fire. According to the Tallahassee Community Wildfire Protection Plan, “Water for fire suppression is in short supply throughout the service area. Communities should investigate and install cisterns at suitable locations to improve the capabilities of fire suppression efforts”. An on site water source can provide the homeowner and fire fighters a water source that may not be available otherwise.


Fire Suppression Water TankRainBank Rainwater Systems is the Northwest region Contain Water Tank Inc. master dealer.  We offer several options for systems that are designed and built to handle fire suppression.  Tanks can come with a 20 year warranty; contact us below to learn more.